Thursday, 23 April 2009

Granville yesterday on the way to mine for a short holiday! The Eagle eyed of you may notice a J Grill rather than the correct JB...this was on only whilst transporting. It certainly has come on!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

More goodies aquired

Thought that I would share these photo's of my apparently rare JB folding Passenger Seat...apparently the Bucket and the Brick are "optional" extras.

Ther are certainly NOT J Types, but found these as I was on the way to Yorkshire...somehow evocative and moody the way that they are just lying there. Lovely place, and old Railway Staion in Lincolnshire.

Popped in to see this MARVELLOUS Pick-up Truck, sorry, but I couldnt get any further away in the Garage. It's unusual as it has a Lift up window in the Drivers side! I do have a photo, but it's not very good of the Hinges. Bought some Panels whilst there photo's to follow.

Here's a rare beastie, a "New" J Type Cross member! I delivered this and the Chassis to Roly from Yorkshire together with some other bits that I managed to negotiate for him...a 681 mile round trip,quite harrowing at times, especially as my Sat Nav took me down what i can only describe as a Cart Track, with cars coming the opposite way...not good with a Trailer on!
Anyhow, Chassis safely delivered.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

J Type Chassis in Yorkshire

Went to Yorkshire today....nice day for a drive, to look at a Chassis for sale...looks ..okay in the photo's, but a fair amount of work needed. If interested, send an email,and I'll pass details on. He wanted £350.....
He also had some doors,(all needed a lot of work,) a Steering Column and four or five front Grills,but again, they were in need of a lot of work.