Monday, 21 September 2009

Trailer found

Hello again! I've been busy over the Summer Months, as has a welder that I found! Steve has made good progress on Granville,and photo's will follow shortly.

I've bought this trailer today...LOVELY little thing ex GPO I think, I ws hoping it was more like the NWGB Trailers,but it's not bad...Can anyone identify it? it has Morris Hubcaps and is in very very good condition especially with it's age!

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  1. Afternoon, Ive just bought one of these. It needs a bit of work but not too much aside from getting rid of a lot of rust! Specifically though, I need another axle, hubs and /or wheels as the set it has at the moment are tiny 8" ex MOD wheel which dont look right at all. If you have any parts left over at all then I'd like to hear from you. neil.wragg (at)